A photograph of Keith Fahlgren

About Keith

Keith Fahlgren, principal and founder of Code Burl Consulting, is a programmer, consultant, and engineering leader with a background in online publishing, media, and education. Before starting Code Burl, he spent more than a dozen years working remotely at five different organizations where he built and led remote and distributed technology teams, most recently at FlatWorld, a low-cost, high-quality college textbook publisher. He helped new owners rebuild their entire technology organization, turn around aging infrastructure and processes, and personally managed the launch of their new online homework system.

Before FlatWorld, Keith worked on (and later led) the team that developed a complete replacement of the $100M+ B2B and B2C online training platform at Safari Books Online (now O’Reilly Online Learning). Keith served as a VP and SVP of Engineering during the merger and integration of Safari’s business, team, and operations by O’Reilly.

Earlier in his career, Keith worked on a range of collaborative authoring and editing projects for O’Reilly Media and contributed to open source, most notably by writing XSLT stylesheets to generate EPUB from DocBook documents. With the growth of the Kindle and the launch of the iPad, he switched into mobile reading and learning, co-developing Ibis Reader, the first HTML5 offline book reader. Keith’s community work during this period included coordinating and editing the first two versions of the OPDS specification, an open standard for finding and downloading content online. He eventually shared his experience and perspective with the broader publishing ecosystem by serving on the Board of Directors for the International Digital Publishing Forum, the developers of the EPUB format.