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I’m Keith Fahlgren and I run Code Burl as one-person consultancy that helps small- and medium-sized companies meaningfully transform some aspect of their business (through software).

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While most of my work involves writing, updating, or fixing JavaScript, Python, or Ruby code, I am more motivated by helping you reach a concrete business goal than programming for programming’s sake. This approach to technology, where a programmer is dedicated to putting your business, your context, your goals, and your customers ahead of code stands in stark contrast to many people’s past experience. This leads to very happy customers:

When a bug in our production software threatened an important deadline, I reached out to Code Burl Consulting for help. Keith began working on the problem immediately and kept up steady communication about his progress. He immediately felt like part of my small team. Working on a very short timeline, he fixed the bug, allowing us to make our deadline! Truly an outstanding technology partner.

If you’d like to work with someone who blends deep technical skills with pragmatism, broad business acumen, clear and respectful communication, and genuine inquisitiveness into how your company actually operates, please get in touch for a free consultation.


I began programming professionally more than 15 years ago by building humble VBA macros for Word (and Ruby scripts) to speed up a manual document review and conversion process. That work gave me an enduring appreciation of the power of even simple software to radically improve business results, all while making a job significantly better for humans.

The Ibis Reader HTML5 web app install screen on an old iPhone

As my skills and experience grew, I switched to building more and more sophisticated programs and then transitioned into web programming with JavaScript and Python (in Django). After co-founding one failed startup focused on helping musicians find and communicate with their fans, I did better on the second, co-founding a company that developed the first HTML5 offline book reader. After selling that company, we helped the new owners use it as the updated foundation for their growing, $100M+ subscription learning business.

The next chapters of my career expanded my understanding of how different departments, teams, and businesses work as I built and led teams from 2 to 50 people. I bring all of this experience, from writing time-saving macros to executive management as an SVP of Engineering, to bear for my clients every single day.